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Additional fields:

marketing, marketing communication, media regulation, marketing regulation, entrepreneurism, and corporate social responsibility (CSR). My work in these fields includes research, teaching and consulting, as well as writing expert reports for legal purposes.

I am head of the MBA program at the School of Business Administration of the Peres Academic Center and also lecture at the School of Business Administration of IDC Herzliya. My fields of interest cover a varied range of marketing topics, such as marketing strategies, personal branding, consumer behavior, advertising, ethics and regulation. My work in these areas applies academic perspectives to practice in the field and practical perspectives to academic study.

Major fields of interest:

Behavior of young consumers – my research in this field is multidisciplinary in its approach, and provides a unique perspective that affords a better understanding of advertising information processing among young people and its effects on young people. The conclusions drawn from my research have contributed to the academic world, as well as to the areas of ethics and regulation, with proposals for significant changes and improvements to protect young people in the new media environment. These studies have been published in leading journals, and have been recognized by the Israel Science Foundation (ISF) and the Israel Knesset Committee for Children’s Rights (together with my colleague Dr Keren Tzur-Eyal [IDC]).

Personal branding – this fascinating new field studies the processes required to create, and promote a personal brand, and maintain the personal brand’s equity. My involvement in this field includes research, writing, consulting, and teaching.

Financial education and consumer education – I am proactively involved in raising awareness of and implementing financial education and consumer education programs. My work includes research, writing (newspapers, books), and consulting for pertinent educational and regulatory organizations. Based on my research I have published two books on these topics: The Savings Box at the Back of the Sock Drawer (with Hanny Nahmias, Kinneret Publishing House) and We’ve Got a Deal (with Att. Elroy Knebel CPA, Steimatzky Publishing).

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