Dr. Tali Te'eni-Harari is the head of the MBA program at the School of Business Administration, Peres Academic Center (PAC), Israel. She also teaches at the BA program of Arison School of Business at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya (IDC).

Dr. Tali Te’eni-Harari’s main research interests are consumer behavior and advertising. Her research focuses on a field that is important, and quite unique, in Israel and worldwide –consumer behavior among young people. The studies incorporate a combination of different disciplines, mainly marketing and communication, but also psychology (developmental and social), sociology and law. This multidisciplinary approach affords a unique perspective, enabling a clearer, more in-depth understanding of advertising information processing among young people.  The research conclusions have contributed to the academic, ethical and regulatory fields, proposing changes and improvements to provide suitable protection for young people in the new communication environment. These research studies have have been published in leading journals.

Based on this research, the first of a series of children’s books has been published, designed to provide tools for critical consumerism: ‘The Saving Box in the Drawer' (written in collaboration with Hanny Nahmias, Kinneret Publishing House). The book aims to provide 21st century children with tools for critical and discerning consumerism, using the media of a delightful story that children can identify with. A comprehensive academic study was conducted among 1st grade children (with the approval of the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Education) to examine children’s saving habits and the book’s effectiveness as a tool for developing discerning consumer skills.

The major part of Dr. Tali Te’eni-Harari’s teaching experience has focused on marketing courses: "Strategic Marketing", "Consumer Behavior", "Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)", "Marketing and advertising for the Young".


Dr. Tali Te'eni - Harari



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